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Video Production 101: What To Include In An “About Us” Video

In 2021, people watched an average of 2.5 hours of video content every day. This number will only increase in the future as more and more consumers prefer to watch videos to learn about certain products and services. For this reason, video marketing is booming across all platforms. If your business isn’t already regularly churning out video content, it’s time to start today.

An easy way to begin is to create an “About Us” video for your corporate website. It’s a fantastic addition to a standard web page that lists your company mission, vision, and values. When you introduce your business through video, it’s a fully immersive experience that your audience will not forget as easily as they would photos and simple paragraphs.

Here are four crucial elements for an engaging, informative “About Us” corporate video:

1. What You’re Selling

Video marketing is all about generating sales, so make sure you give airtime to the product or service that you’re selling. Highlight all the benefits it can bring to your customers and talk about what sets you apart from the competition.

Your “About Us” video is not a sales video, so be careful with the amount of time you spend on your product. Transition smoothly from your brief sales talk into other topics that highlight your company values. Remember that online consumers are savvier than ever, and they don’t respond well to content that’s clearly upselling something. Be as low-key as possible when you talk about what you want them to buy.

2. Your Company History

One of the most crucial elements of your introductory video is your company history. Audiences enjoy knowing where companies began and what they did to get to where they are now. If your company started as a small home business, or if you have decades of history under your belt, video is a fantastic medium to tell your story.

3. Your Company Values

Your “About Us” page already highlights your company’s mission, vision, values, and advocacies; Its video version can take this to a higher level, especially if you have footage of your community outreach projects. You can also showcase a demonstration of how you deliver top-notch services for your customers.

No matter what company values you choose to highlight, your audience should have a clear idea of what you stand for and what you prioritise as a company. This helps build trust and is a reassurance that you will do what it takes to give your customers what they need.

4. Your Team Members

One way to build customer loyalty and to move viewers to invest in your company is to offer them a look at what makes your business successful—the people. Your corporate video should highlight your team members, their passion for their work, and the many ways they contribute to your company’s success. A little bit of personality and irreverence will not be out of place if you want to include them.

Audiences are often curious about what it takes to run a business on the ground. If the nature of your business involves on-site locations, you should include a behind-the-scenes look at your processes, too.


This short list of video elements will help you create an informative, engaging corporate video for your audience. While it’s important to be as thorough as possible when introducing your company, you should make sure the final video is short, sweet, and paced perfectly. If you need help creating this all-important video, you should work with professionals to help you every step of the way.

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