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Top Video Trends to Apply to Your Online Content in 2022

Video has been the most powerful tool for sharing information and ideas in the past few years, and it’s the best medium to use to engage with your audience. If you want to up your game on video marketing this 2022, make sure that you make the necessary adjustments. 

Here are the video marketing trends you can leverage for a better business reach.


Livestreaming has exploded in popularity in the past few years, and it’s no wonder why. It’s an engaging, real-time experience that your users can truly connect to. The good thing is that the technology for smooth livestreaming is now readily accessible. You do not need an expensive camera, and you can produce live content on the go right away with just a reliable smartphone or webcam.

Vertical Videos

One of the biggest video trends in the past years is vertical videos. This type of content is actually one of the reasons videos on TikTok are popular. You see, people are using their phones to make videos, and a lot of them don’t watch videos in a horizontal orientation anymore.

That’s why vertical videos are going to be even bigger. Not only do they fit perfectly with the way people consume media in 2022, but they are also very easy to produce.

They don’t require expensive equipment, and you’re not going to have to use a huge camera. All you need is a good camera app on your phone, and you’re ready to go. What’s even better is how you can edit your file from the app’s editing tool itself and upload it directly to your social media account. 

In-Video Shopping

Powerful eCommerce plugins are popping up in many video platforms out there, and it’s definitely going to be one of the biggest trends in eCommerce in the coming years. One of the main reasons it’s so popular is that people are already used to shopping with their phones. It’s easier for many people to purchase something with the device already in their hands.

One problem here is that many people don’t want to create an account on the platform hosting the video. That’s why in-video shopping is so useful. You’re going to give your customers a simple way to purchase the product in your videos with just one click of a button. This is a straightforward way to make more money, even if you’re not a big company.

Video Ads

Video ads are still a big trend in advertising. As a matter of fact, it’s the second most popular social media format, just behind Facebook video posts, according to Forbes. What’s so interesting about video ads is that they pass the video content to the user and then redirect to the advertiser’s landing page.

That’s why it’s a great way to boost your conversion rates and improve the number of leads you’re generating. If done right, video ads can be very effective—and it’s definitely one of the most significant video marketing trends in 2022.


Video marketing is the future. If you’re not already using it, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to engage with your audience. If you are already in it, identify the video types that work like what was mentioned in this article. Video content is not just popular—it’s actually one of the most effective ways to make more money and convert more leads.

Working with experienced production companies can help you level up your video marketing game. Mighty Hero Video Agency is a video marketing agency in Manchester that can give your brand disruptive and compelling videos. Contact us today and let us make that happen. 

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