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Why Video is the Most Potent Marketing Tool Right Now

The way businesses and the market work right now is vastly different from what people are used to just a few years back. This is because of how much industry trends have evolved, especially when it comes to marketing. Nowadays, video production seems to be one of the hottest marketing tools being used by millions of companies around the world. How’s that? Well, this guide will show you just how vital video advertising is and why you should invest in it.

Reason #1: More Exposure

If you think social media is a powerful tool, imagine putting video content in it. That’s how powerful those two combinations can be. Video production is such a potent tool that will give you more exposure than any other strategy. If you log in to your social media account, you’ll probably encounter video content within the first five seconds of scrolling through. This is because video content typically performs best with most algorithms, not just in social media. Its ability to capture a viewer’s attention and sustain it for a long time has always been its strongest suit. So, if you want more exposure, video is the way to go.

Reason #2: Popularity is Off the Charts

The popularity of video content is always on the rise, even before it made the jump into digital media. To illustrate this better, let’s rewind a few years back. In 2018, a study showed that 54% of consumers like seeing more video content from any brand or business they support. Jumping back to 2021, and that now has increased by a considerable margin because of the people’s hunger and need to watch video content. The emergence of hundreds of different streaming platforms is proof of that. Nowadays, people just expect brands to deliver engaging and entertaining content now more than ever, especially on social media.

Reason #3: Longer Shelf Life

Not only does video content receive more attention and get more engagement than any other form of media, but it also has a longer shelf life. People merely scroll through images and text-hungry posts nowadays. They practically last from a couple of seconds to a few days in the consciousness of consumers, which means the engagement they receive lasts for just a fleeting moment. Video content, on the other hand, can generate significantly more interactions and shares, allowing it to stay in the ecosystem for longer. 

Reason #4: Google Loves Video

One platform stands above the rest when it comes to video content, and that’s none other than YouTube. Ever since Google bought the video-sharing platform, videos have received a significant increase in how they affect search engine rankings. In fact, placing even just a single well-produced video on your website’s landing page gives you more chances of ranking on the first page of Google’s search result page.

There’s also the fact that the exponential growth of video content is because of how accessible it can be even on mobile devices. Considering how Google prioritises mobile now means they’re really funnelling much attention to video content regardless of what device you’re using. So, if you want your website and your social media accounts to perform well in the digital world ruled by Google, you better have good video content to show for.


It’s no question that video is a powerful medium even during the heyday of film and television. Now that we’re in the digital age, it just shows how transcendental and timeless video content can be because of how strong it remains amidst its evolution. You better keep up as the times change by working with a video production company so that you can deliver engaging content to your audience.

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