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Ensuring a Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

Instagram is a behemoth of a social media platform where millions of potential customers are exposed to different kinds of advertising—from paid posts to major ad campaigns from big brands. What makes users tolerate (or worse, ignore) promotional content from all sides? It’s the platform’s distinct formula of only video and image posts.

If you’re planning to start a video marketing campaign on Instagram, resist the urge to plunge in without first knowing what works for the social media platform. In the following paragraphs, you will find several ways to turn your campaign into a success.

Secure a Business Profile

Being a verified Instagram business account opens many doors for your business. This is especially needed if you’re starting with a marketing campaign. Instagram provides platform-specific tools so that business accounts can improve their reach. It allows businesses to promote their posts as ads, add links to their stories, schedule content, and access helpful analytics tools. 

It shows you the growth of your page, and it reveals engagement data. This information shows you the number of followers engaging with your content and the content type they’re most drawn to. You can use this information to improve your video content in later projects.

Be as Authentic as You Can

Sure, you’re a brand trying to sell a product or service. Of course, you want to put your best foot forward and try to cover any parts you think won’t sell. Sometimes, consumers question whether brands can really be authentic because of this.

Well, you can show that that you’re a business that genuinely wants the best for your customers through your video marketing campaign. Make sure that you creatively include your brand’s values in your video and add elements that convey the honesty and relatability of your content. This gives your potential customers an intimate look at your brand and lets them know how their support can mean to you.

Use Relevant #Hashtags 

Jumping in like everyone to capitalise on trending hashtags can be good for brand exposure. However, deciding to use company-specific terms as a hashtag can also benefit you. As with SEO keywords, the more specific your hashtags are to y business, the better. 

So maybe you can mix both techniques and see what works better later on. You can also continue mixing them in future campaigns to ensure you have a broad reach.

Showcase Product Promos 

Consumers often look for products to solve a problem, so showcase what your products can do for their specific needs. Be careful not to cross the line of the video looking like i’s a sale pitch. Remember that you still have to show authenticity.

Your promotional video has to be short and on the point. Using the perfect mix of emotional pull with the products’ usefulness can be vital in piquing your potential customers’ curiosity. The promo can be a short announcement of your new product or service or a series-type reveal of specific appealing features of your top-selling product.


After some practise, you will be proficient in everything related to Instagram marketing. Video is actually a very fun medium, and users love video content. You will enjoy making more content. Who knows? Maybe one of them will even go viral. While producing entertaining content is sure to get you views, remember that you still need to stay true to your brand’s values.

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