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7 Valuable Tips When Creating Videos for Social Media

Video is one of the best types of content because it can engage viewers better than others. As such, many companies have used video to gain more audiences. There are many places where videos can be uploaded, but perhaps the leading platform is social media.

Creating a social media video takes a lot of hard work, which many people forget to consider. There is no exact way to make your video, but following the correct processes can help you.

We gathered some of the best tips for creating a social media video. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Develop a Strategy

When creating a social media video, the first thing you need to do is develop a strategy. Your strategy will reflect your brand, and it will help you determine how you want your video shoot to go. This strategy will be the basis of your social media video, and it will also help you create a high-quality piece.

A strategy is vital because you can develop a story and a script. Based on your brand’s general theme and target audience, you can easily create a story that revolves around your target customer’s needs.

#2 – Keep Your Video Short and Straightforward

While long videos can engage viewers, they can also bore them. The best type of videos are those that are short and straightforward. Instead of making your video too long, try to edit it into the length your audience can watch. If your target customer does not want to watch a long video, you should make it short and concise.

Remember that you should never forget to keep the messages short when you make a social media video. You can use concise statements and transitions to keep your video short.

#3 – Use Quality Equipment

The quality of your video will be based on the equipment you use. If you’re going to make videos for your business, you need to invest in the right equipment.

Perhaps the most critical piece of equipment you need is a good camera. If you want to create high-quality videos, you will need to invest in a camera that can produce high-quality videos. Additionally, a microphone can also help you make better-sounding videos.

#4 – Have a Clear Narrative

A good narrative can help you get your point across. The narrative is one of the most critical components of a video because it is responsible for delivering the narrative and message of your video. If you want to create a social media video, you need to hone your narrative skills.

Be sure to keep your narrative clear and concise. Slogans and messages can help you send your message across.

#5 – Include Subtitles

The best way to reach many viewers is by adding subtitles to your videos. Subtitles are becoming more and more critical in the media world, given the popularity of foreign content being produced.

Subtitles also make your video more accessible to people who cannot hear well. If you want to make your video accessible to such people, you need to invest in subtitles.

#6 – Optimise the Video for Different Platforms

Different social media platforms have different video sizes and formats. You need to make sure that you optimise your video for each platform. If you want to get the best results out of your video, then you need to know the differences in video sizes and formats.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it has a video size of 4:3 aspect ratio. Since this platform is the most popular one, you should optimise your videos for it.

#7 – Add a Call to Action

A social media video should always end with a call to action because it will encourage your audience to take the next step and help you achieve your goals. The call to action can be integrated throughout the video or appear at the end.


Creating a social media video can be difficult, but it can also be rewarding. As such, you must follow these tips to create a social media video that works. You’ll reach a wider audience when you do, and your business will boom.

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