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Social Media Video Production: Your Brand Needs It!

Businesses are increasingly turning to social media video production as a way of boosting their marketing strategies. Companies are posting videos on their pages to boost their number of likes and shares, which in turn makes users more inclined to follow the brand. 

In addition, businesses are turning to video in order to improve engagement with their fans; even if people don’t want to like or share a page, they are more likely to spend time watching your video. Eighty-seven percent of businesses use video content in their marketing strategies.

Video Production Is A Great Tool

Video production can be a powerful tool, and many brands have yet to realize its potential. Social media users look for videos daily! A study showed that well over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day. Snapchat, on the other hand, sees over 10 billion videos watched on a daily basis.

Practically all businesses (93% of them) have gotten a new customer thanks to a video they saw on social media. That’s largely since customers try to find content that is easy to remember or consume. A little over half of consumers (68% of them, to be specific) watch videos to learn more about the services or products of a brand, instead of looking at infographics.

Content marketing has been about creating information for your readers. Now, though, more people are consuming video than ever before. Video marketing has never been more important for your business’s marketing strategy.

Social Media Video Production: Multiple Advantages

One of the most effective ways to showcase your business to the world is through social media video production. Using professionally-created videos, which can be shared through social media networks, can help your brand rise above the competition.

Read on to learn more about why social media video production is necessary for your brand:

Your Brand Needs Social Media Video Production For Brand Building

Creating a video for your brand helps you build relationships, creates a positive brand association, and solidifies brand loyalty. It also helps to grow your community by expanding its reach through social media. You can build your brand and brand awareness through social media video production. “Reels,” for example, allows for behind-the-scenes clips within the company, like daily activities in your office and whatnot.

Your Brand Needs Social Media Video Production For Building Relationships

Creating engaging videos will be great for connecting with customers and building solid relationships. It’s a great way to create a sense of community and build trust, too. Having an emotional connection will go a long way since you won’t look like profit is all the brand cares about.

Your Brand Needs Social Media Video Production To Stand Out

Social media video production can help you show off what you do differently. While more brands are creating content on their social media channels, it’s a great way to take on a more unique way of showcasing what you do.


Social media video production is a great boost for businesses, regardless of their industry. Statistics show that millions of people watch videos on social media on a daily basis. Brands need social media video production to stand out, build relationships and brand building.
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