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7 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Video Production Company

These days, companies must use whatever means at their disposal to be seen or heard by their prospects. Since competition is tight, they all try to get an advantage over each other, and this is now more complicated because of the Internet and digital marketing. However, some methods are highly effective, such as producing videos.

A business video is an excellent way to build your brand and make it stand out in a sea of competitors. A professional video will make a much stronger impression than a written description because you can do almost anything, from explainer videos to animation. In short, videos are a promotional tool to attract new potential customers. However, making a video isn’t easy, and you don’t just hire the first production company you see. For this reason, one must know the right questions to ask. These include:

#1 – Are There Any Budget Limitations?

Sometimes, the money is not a problem, but if it is, you need to know how much you can afford from the start. A high-quality video can be costly, so you must set a maximum price and understand that this is just for video production.

A video production company will include costs such as the scriptwriting, the location, the models, and special effects (if any). However, you can give the company a budget and make it work within it, but don’t set it too low because better results will come from a well-financed video.

#2 – Can You Show Any Samples or Reels?

The production company’s portfolio will be vital in considering who to hire since this shows their experience and capabilities. Ask them for demo videos created for other clients if you have a project in mind. If a company claims to be professional and experienced but doesn’t show any samples, you should think twice about hiring them.

#3 – Who Will Write the Script?

Many companies will offer to write the script, but you should ensure that this person has enough knowledge. You want the person to understand what you want or need in the video, even if this person is an expert in the field. On the other hand, they should also know what kind of language is best for the video since companies want to be understood by everyone and not just a selected audience.

On a related note, asking about how many revisions you can get is also necessary because a video is never fully completed from the start. The client can always make small changes to the video, so you should talk with the company about this.

#4 – Will People Onscreen Sign Photo Release Forms?

If your video has onscreen talent, photo release forms will be handy because you’ll be using them for commercial purposes. To put it plainly, photo release forms are like consent forms because the talent will allow you to use their image on a video that will be used for marketing. This can be useful in settling legal issues once the video is released.

#5 – Are All the Stock Footage and Music Royalty-Free?

The stock footage and music used in the video should be royalty-free because they don’t require special permits. This is important because you can use it in other marketing materials, such as commercials and social media posts. If the production company uses royalty-free video clips, you can use them as often as you want.

#6 – How Will the Video Be Delivered to Us?

You don’t want to struggle with a big file that’s hard to edit and fit with your brand. It would be better if the production company could provide a compressed file or even a website where the video can be viewed. In other words, the production company should give you the video in the format that best fits your needs.

#7 – What Should I Provide You With?

Just because you’re the client doesn’t mean you won’t do any work. You need to work with the production company to provide the materials and information required to create your video. This includes artwork, photos, and the script. On the other hand, the production company should also provide you with a list of the needs and suggestions for your video, so you can find out what you need to give them.


Producing a business video is an excellent investment, but you need to know what to ask before hiring a production company. There are many factors to consider, so you should know them all from the beginning. Once you know these, you’ll have a clearer idea of what to expect when your business video is created.

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