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Tips To Make Your Video Go Viral and Bring in Customers

It’s no secret that video is one of the most used tools to market a business today. It is proven effective and appealing to most audiences; that’s why most brands do everything to create a video that can strike their audience’s interest. 

One of the primary goals when producing video for marketing is to make it the talk of the town. Having a video go viral is the dream because aside from inflicting some impact on the internet, you can also bring in customers to increase your sales. 

In this article, you will learn some tips on how to go about creating a viral video. Read on, and let’s get started! 

Tip #1: Create Interesting or Valuable Video Content

One of the reasons why people share videos is because they find them either funny or inspiring. In most cases, they share videos because it provides value for them. With this being said, your video has a higher chance of going viral if you will make your videos more interesting or valuable for your audience. 

Interesting videos are the ones that can stir their emotions, while valuable videos are videos that can help them solve their problems, learn skills or improve in any other way. As a brand, get to know your audience and gauge which one will work for them. 

Tip #2: Keep It Short and Simple

Your videos may have a chance to go viral if it’s just short. But, make sure it has an impact on the audiences that will make them want to watch it over and over. A classic example of videos that are short but with impact are the funny ones. They’re only long enough to elicit a reaction from the viewer and tell a short story. 

If you think short videos will limit you from conveying your message, consider it a challenge for your brand. Avoid seeing it as a limitation because some brands have successfully produced this kind of video, which has gone viral. Take that as an inspiration when creating your videos in the future. 

Tip #3: Craft a Good Promotion Strategy

Your video’s content is not the only one you should focus on. You also need to ensure that you’ve thought about the time of posting, where you will post it and if you will boost your video because these factors will significantly affect your video’s reach and engagement. 

Research about when is the best time to post a video. Generally, it’s best to post videos when most people are online. You should also look into which platform is an excellent place to start posting. Lastly, think about if it’s a good idea to boost your post. Boosting means you have to spend money to reach a wider audience, so consider your budget before concluding.

However, if you’ve created quality content that is impactful to your audience, whenever and wherever you post it and even if you don’t boost it, it will still go viral. 


Producing a viral video is not an easy task, especially for small and startup businesses. However, it’s still possible; you just need to learn more about your audience so that you can pinpoint what they like and dislike. Once you’ve understood your target market’s interest, incorporate the tips mentioned here, and work with the best video marketing agency to help you create a viral video. 

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