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4 Ways of Incorporating Videos to Enhance Employer Branding

Maintaining and creating a good company reputation is a priority for every business. However, that shouldn’t be limited to how customers see you but encompass customers and prospects that your company might work with in the future.

Employer branding’s objective is to enhance the perception people behind the scenes have of you. Not only will it help with talent acquisition and retention, but it can also make a difference in the work culture. Emulating a diverse and positive work environment increases the likelihood of actual inclusivity going on in the office.

There are many ways to enhance employer branding, but one of the main ways is through videos. It can be very effective as it tends to use both sight and sound and allows a person to share information quickly. Here’s just a couple of ways you can use it to better the image present and future coworkers may have of your brand as an employer:

Video Sneak Peeks Into Careers

If you want your job advertisements and career pages to stand out, videos are definitely the way to go. It’s become all too common to stick with the normal text, that people tend to forget media could be incorporated into those web pages. 

You can include some of the text that would usually be in the description while showcasing the nature of work they will be undergoing as well. They will also be effective in showing the different benefits and the potential workspace your company will be offering. 

Onboarding and Intro Films

When you’re welcoming a new person onto the team and giving them an onboarding orientation, a simple slide presentation might not just capture the full experience that awaits them. Creating a video can touch on every point and the history of your company as well. 

An onboarding video will be beneficial for employees who will have to onboard into remote working environments too. It can be easy to zone out when the discussion is virtual, and films are a way to catch their attention again.

Company Update Recordings

A video is an excellent medium for updating your employees about what’s going on in the company and relevant information without pulling them away from work. There won’t be a need to disturb your team from working but giving them space regarding when they’ll view it.

It’s also better in comparison to a video conference, where you may fumble with showing the performance results. Producing a video will give you adequate time to come up with an infographic to include, making it easier to understand. 

Social Media Content

The reality is that a lot of your employees are on social media. Potential applicants may also be in the same space, so investing in your business’s social media profile and showcasing good content about your employees can send a positive message.

This can range from social aspects of your business’s work culture to how the company works from day to day. Short videos about leadership and different work functions can also bode really well for engagement.


Putting in videos doesn’t just have benefits for your SEO and content, but also in the relations that you have within the company. Good employer branding will be healthy for all the workers in a company and enable them to believe that they’re in a safe space to let their talent flourish. 

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