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Here’s How Video Can Help Small Businesses Flourish

Small businesses can sometimes struggle. Cash flow and income can go down for quite a long time. These issues with finance can lead small businesses to not even entertain the idea of using video. These small businesses tend to think that video is too expensive or not worth the money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! 

There are many problems small businesses face early on. These can include insufficient cash flow due to lack of investors or lack of sales, or simply lack of engagement. Video can help with all these problems, and more!

How can video help with sales?

Small businesses can often have issues with sales, and video can help with this. They are the most engaging and memorable medium. For example, a visitor at your website is more likely to stay longer if there’s a video they can watch. This extra time leads to more conversions. 

The video itself could also lead to more conversions by being convincing. According to Tubular Insights, 64% of people who watch branded videos on social media go on to make a purchase.

Videos help with your search engine ranking. This means that you will be more likely to appear when someone looks you up on the internet. All this additional attention can lead to more sales. 

How can video help with acquiring investors?

In order to fix financial problems, a lot of small businesses hope to attract investors. One of the best ways to attract investors is to use video. Your business could create a quick video summary of why your company is worth investing in. For this kind of video, you probably want to include the story of your company, the people in your company and your accolades. This kind of video is particularly helpful because it can combine raw feelings and accurate, pertinent information into one tight ad. 

DIY camera work can be affordable if you know what you’re doing! You’ll just need a smartphone with a good camera and a tripod. You can download free video editing software and use it to edit your video at home! 

If this sounds like too much work, or if you have too little time on your hands because you’re busy running a business, you can always hire a professional video production company. These companies can be surprisingly affordable. You can look for video production in Manchester, or whatever local area you’re in to find better deals compared to international video production companies.

How can video increase engagement?

Small businesses often struggle with creating a lot of engagement. It’s hard for you to grab attention and keep it when no one looks at your feed anyway. Thankfully, video can help! A funny or entertaining video can start a conversation around your company. This can lead to shares and likes, which will mean that the video will be exposed to even more people. Soon, you’ll have people visiting your website or social media page looking for more.


Video production can help your business in many ways. These are just a few good examples of them. Remember, if you want the best results for the least amount of money, hire professionals in your local area. If you’re from Manchester, for example, look for video production in Manchester.

For a video production company in Manchester that’s all about quality and results, Mighty Hero Video Agency is the one you’re looking for! We’re a disruptive, strategically powered video production agency based in Manchester, UK. Contact us today!

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