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How to Make Your Video Marketing Authentic and Honest

Video marketing is a flexible tool for businesses because it can tell information, promote a product or service and raise awareness to consumers. Video marketing is now considered a successful and the most-used digital marketing strategy because it encourages people to take action on a business’s offering. While video marketing is a disruptive approach in promoting a business, not all video content can be effective and powerful for audiences. 

There are some factors that contribute to the lack of effectiveness of video content marketing. These factors include irrelevancy, low quality, inconsistent publishing frequency and unentertaining quality. Sometimes, it is also because of the lack of honesty and authenticity. 

Honesty and Authenticity: Why Are They Important?

Honesty and authenticity in video marketing are crucial because they will affect your brand’s reputation and credibility, especially now that people are more knowledgeable and educated. People are now aware of fakes and scams, and they highly ignore and discourage these kinds of content. If you don’t want to be tagged as a bluff, you need to know how to create video marketing videos that are honest and authentic.

Here are some helpful tips that you can use in order to create authentic and honest video marketing content: 

Make Use of Data

Data will be your primary driving force to produce successful video marketing content. Whatever type of products or services your brand is offering, you cannot convey a message to your audience without the backing of research. It is okay not to give them all the details rather than provide them with false information. 

Honesty will open up new learnings and quality feedback, while authenticity can help you touch your audience’s feelings and emotions. Remember, your video must communicate social and emotional information in addition to facts to make people patronise your brand and content. 

In relation to having successful video content for your business, you can achieve more shares and leads if you customise your content according to your audience’s interests and behaviours. You can do this by making use of data to connect the results to your video marketing content. The point is, data is powerful in every marketing approach, so you need to utilise data to create relevant, valuable and compelling content for your audience. 

Apply Your Company’s Core Values, Goals and Beliefs

Every business has unique core values, goals and beliefs. In making video content, you need to make your audience understand and feel that your company can contribute some value. Your core value, goals and beliefs will serve as the heart of your video marketing content to build that emotional attachment with your audience. As a brand, you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. You need to provide them with what they want rather than centring your content around what you can do for them. Think about what matters to them and incorporate that into your video marketing content. This way, you can show them you genuinely provide them with solutions to their needs through your products and services. 


Even if your goal is to market or sell your business, you still need to make your marketing approach as authentic and honest as possible. Your business will lead nowhere if you practice making video content just for selling purposes. Don’t forget to apply the facts and real-life situations always because that’s how you can make your video content relatable to your audience and make an impact. Transparency and authenticity are also key to make your audience choose your brand and earn their loyalty. 

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