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The Dos and Don’ts of Adding Videos to Your Homepage

Today, there are many ways to provide your website visitors with a delightful and memorable experience. But just as many are the mistakes you can commit that could quickly drive them away. 

While we can’t cover all those mistakes you should avoid, our experts in corporate video production in Manchester from Mighty Hero Video Agency shares some dos and don’ts when it comes to the use of video on homepages:

Do Highlight Your Value Proposition in Your Video

Consumers are being bombarded with so many videos on the internet these days. They don’t have time to sit and watch a long video on your website. Hence, make sure that the video you use on your homepage is concise while keeping their attention.

Your video should provide your prospects with a good overview of your company as well as your Unique Value Proposition. UVP is the thing that makes you stand out from the competition, and that’s what keeps your visitors on your website.

Don’t Set Goals That Are Too Broad or Vague

Sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed with your business goals, you might lose sight and focus on what’s most important. Or worse, let the goals you set become too broad or vague. Some examples of confusing goals could be ‘to become a renowned video production agency,’ ‘to gain more clients’ and ‘to be the best in our industry.

When your goals are too broad, you don’t have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and how to go about it. As a result, you end up wasting your budget and efforts on the wrong initiatives. You’ll be able to focus better on your goals if you can break them down into small, specific, and achievable steps.

Do Know Your Target Audience

Your company’s success depends on how well you connect with your customers. Make sure that you know your target audience and understand how they use online videos, so you can create engaging content that resonates with them.

Don’t Get Too Detailed

Avoid long, complex, and confusing videos on your website’s homepage. Visitors aren’t going to watch it if it doesn’t make sense to them.

Instead, focus on the main points you want them to know about your brand, product, or service and how it can benefit them.

Do Try Autoplaying Videos

Autoplaying videos are one of the most effective ways to engage viewers on your website. This can be done through videos that loop or play automatically after a certain period.

Videos that loop allow viewers to continue watching it even when they’re not actively doing so. A video that plays automatically after a certain period entices viewers to stay on your website longer. This can be an excellent way to increase your conversion rate.

However, these videos can be annoying to some people, so make sure you only use this tactic if you’re targeting prospects that want to see it.

Don’t Get in the Way of Navigation

If you want your website visitors to stay on your website, don’t place your videos too close to your website’s navigation. If you do this, you’re taking away the visitor’s chance to explore your website easily.


Video marketing is here to stay. As more and more businesses have realized the many benefits of video marketing, they have turned to video production companies in Manchester to outsource their video production needs.

There are many ways to utilize and integrate a video on your website. However, you have to be careful not to make the wrong decisions that could cost you the return on your investment.

When you’re ready to add a video to your website’s homepage, Mighty Hero Video Agency is here to help you. We are a reputable video company in Manchester that can provide you with videos that could deliver results for your brand.

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