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Why Businesses Must Invest in and Shoot a Promotional Video

A promotional video is viewed as a powerful marketing tool that can allow you to reach an even wider audience and promote your products or services in a creative and engaging way. Plus, a well-made promotional video can be used again and again, providing a cost-effective way to reach your targeted market.

As a business owner, it’s understood that promotion is key to driving customers to your door. And what better way to promote your business than with a promotional video? Let’s dive into the many reasons to invest in a promotional video for your brand.

Here are just a few:

1) Create Intrigue

A promotional video is a great way to create intrigue and interest in your brand. By sharing a video that showcases your products or services in a creative and engaging way, you can pique the interest of potential customers.

If you can capture your audience’s attention with an engaging and creative video, they’ll be more likely to want to learn more about your business. It’s possible to get them a little more interested in what you actually have to offer as well, whether it’s products, services, or experiences.

2) Increase Brand Awareness

A promotional video is also an excellent way to increase brand awareness. By sharing a video that truly showcases your brand in a positive light, potential customers learn more about your business.

When potential customers see your video, they can see your logo, your company name, and your website address. This will help them remember your brand and make it easier for them to find you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

3) Improve SEO Ranking

For your website to rank higher on search engines, you need to create quality content that is optimised for SEO. A promotional video can help you do this by adding relevant keywords and phrases to your website.

When adding a video to your website, you can also include a video description. This description should include relevant keywords and phrases to help your video rank higher on search engines.

4) Share Across Platforms

Aside from SEO, video is a popular type of content on social media, so sharing your video across platforms can help you reach a wider audience. When you create a promotional video, you can share it across multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. Try to post your video on your website, blog, social media accounts, and email list.

5) Market and Provide Information

Utilise your video to market your product or service, or you can use it to provide information about your industry. For example, if you sell a product, you can create a video that showcases the product in action. If you’re in a service-based industry, you can create a video that explains what you do and how you can help your clients.


In conclusion, businesses must invest in a promotional video because it is a cost-effective way to influence a wide audience, it helps build trust and credibility, and it can be a powerful marketing tool. Add it to your marketing strategy.

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