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All You Need to Know About Humour In Video Marketing

Staid and boring commercials and videos are not cutting it anymore. The audience wants more creativity and uniqueness that will pique their interest. Video marketers are now inclined to combine humour in their commercials to make them more engaging and to provoke a response.

Because of these behavioural changes in online consumers, wordplays and jokes are now extensively used in various commercials to catch the viewers’ attention and rope them in to buy into a product or service. After all, humour is a great way to keep people engaged and entertained regardless of the topic.

Do you need more convincing? Here are the advantages of incorporating humour in video marketing.

  • Humour Creates Alignment – The best way to make someone engage with a particular topic is to find a place of commonality. You can build your story around a relatable event and add humour to attract your target market.
  • Humour Builds Rapport – Good humour is a great way to build a comfortable and relatable aura for your product or service. When the marketing is witty, charming, and funny, the audience will most likely be interested in knowing more about what you are advertising. 
  • Humour Triggers Memorability – Nostalgia can definitely attract customers. A commercial resembling something from your audience’s childhood or a familiar punchline can spark their curiosity to check out your product or service.

Integrating Humour in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Now, how do you flawlessly add humour to your video marketing strategy? Here are some ways you can integrate comic relief into your video content.

1. Parody

You can create an instant connection with your content if you jump off of something popular to grab attention. The more creative, fresh, relevant, and witty it is, the more enticing and engaging it will be.

2. Farce

Ridiculous behaviour is a great way to inject humour into your videos. Absurd movements and strange situations will make the audience wonder what the video really is about. Take note that it’s best to use this in moderation. 

3. Hyperbole

Hyperbole or exaggeration can work well in almost any video intended to be humorous, but keep in mind that its usage should be aligned with the campaign concept to not seem out of place. 

4. Metaphor

This is the perfect combination of cleverness and humour. Metaphors can be extremely funny, and they can easily stick in the minds of the viewers.

5. Puns and Wordplay

These two concepts are some of the oldest forms of humour, and they are still considered effective and clever today. Integrating puns in your written and video content will surely engage audiences across generations!

6. Timing 

To successfully execute this one, you need to find a good video production agency because it requires excellent post-production to be effective. This capitalises on the element of surprise and comedic timing. 

7. Deadpan Comedy

This is a relatively straightforward tactic, but it has proven to be effective. It is as clever as satirical humour with the way it delivers the truth with a dash of humour.

8. Pain Points

Relatability is significant to humour. There’s nothing like practising empathy and feeling seen that captures a customer’s heart. Lighthearted content that addresses the audience’s pain points is a surefire way of catching their attention. 

Final Thoughts

It is essential to keep up with marketing trends if you want to boost the reputation of your product or service. Find a good digital marketing agency in Manchester to create the most humorous and informative commercial today. 

Are you ready to add humorous videos to your marketing strategy? Work with Mighty Hero Video. We are a video production agency based in Manchester, and we can work on strategies that can help you capture your target audience. Send us a message today to take the next step!

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