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3 Steps to Creating Awesome Social Media Video Ads

Social media is where people are spending most of their “spare” time – joining in conversations, posting new content, finding information and discovering interests. It’s no fluke that Facebook Ads is now the biggest media advertising platform on the planet – dominated by streams of social media video ads. In fact, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching social media video ads (via tubularinsights).

The problem is, most people don’t know where to start and you only have 2 options.

  1. Make the video yourself.
  2. Pay a video production company to do it.

Both those options aren’t guaranteed to work. Videos can be hugely complex beasts, but an effective social media video ad doesn’t have to complex. In fact, videos that are more simple and straight to the point are mostly better!

As video is now absolutely essential, it’s important that everybody has at least some basic understanding of how to create effective social media video ads – and the key to this isn’t knowing what to shoot, before any creativity it’s knowing how to be clear on the purpose of your video ad.

1. Be Clear on the Result You Want

If you don’t know the result you want from the video, there’s no clear direction in the creation of a social media video ad. The result you want will steer everything from the video type, the creative, the ad copy, the targeting, the call to action… everything.

Here’s some tips to help you get clear on the result you want to achieve.

  1. Write business problem are you trying to fix? e.g 30 more bookings required for summer.
  2. What is your offer? e.g a one-time discount.
  3. How does that look to your customer? e.g a fun experience.

Just by knowing these 3 things, you’ll have a very direct idea of how to make your social media video ad effective.

For example:

The letting agency in the above video needed to sell more leases for their new properties as things were slow, so they offered the 1st month at half price and presented the offer with video footage showcasing all the main property features. It worked a charm, as the agent sold out his leases in just a few weeks!

2. Be Clear on the Target Audience

Most people find audiences very hard to pinpoint, because no matter how we categorise ourselves – we all have very different interests, backgrounds, affordability, personality types and other things which make this seem complex.

Every great social media video ad will only work if your audience is correct. You could have the most viral ad going, but if you’re targeting bridal dresses to elderly men then the ad will fail no matter how awesome your video creative is.

Here’s some tips to help you get clear on your audience:

  1. What are their demographics? (age, sex, job, status).
  2. What are they interested in? (e.g they do yoga regularly, like healthy eating and study fitness.
  3. What are they looking for? (e.g business software, back pain relief, new shoes).

This creates a customer avatar, making it much easier and effective for you to create video ads with the right messaging, content and settings for a successful campaign. Hubspot have a fantastic customer avatar creator right here.

3. Be Straight to the Point

You have 3 seconds to get the attention of your viewer before you’ve lost them (this study has some interesting points), so it’s absolutely essential that your social media video ads are straight to the point and gives the viewer exactly what they need in a very short amount of time.

As a golden rule of thumb, show your product in the first shot or an image that your target market has a direct interest or relationship with. For instance:

  • You sell dog treats so the first image should be a dog.
  • You’re a restaurant so the first image should be the food.
  • You’re a kids football academy so they first image should be a child kicking a ball.

The length of your ad should be no longer than 60seconds – featuring all the most important features and benefits, closing with the offer. Don’t fluff or you lose.

Improve your social media ads with video

Video provides obvious benefits to any social media video ads campaign. It engages and influences customer behaviour more than anything.

A lot of business owners and marketing professionals can find video quite daunting. How to make the video? What to include? The way it will look? Who to target? Get results?

This is where Mighty Hero Video Agency comes in. It’s simple, affordable, fast and ultimately effective social media video ads for everybody. No fluff. No nonsense. If you’d like to learn how we can create social media video ads to get you more customers and interest in your services – say hello via the contact page and we’ll be very happy to help you!

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