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5 Common Types of Video Clips That Are Best Used for Social Media

It’s easy to see how one video clip can go viral on social media these days. Whether it’s an entertaining video, a controversial flick, or an educational one, it can easily and quickly resonate with people. Soon enough, it can be a trending video that creates hype and gets people to talk about it. That is how powerful video content creation is in the world of social media.

That said, here are five types of videos you may want to produce for your business’s social media accounts. Read more to see if you need to hire a video production agency in Manchester.

1. Live videos

Almost all social media channels have live streaming features that allow you to go live. If you want to launch a new product, promote your service, or interact with your customers, you can have live streaming. It is an excellent way to market your brand and engage with your customers.

2. Product or service video

A study showed that 78 per cent of people claimed that their purchase decisions are determined by the brands’ social media posts. Videos are highly influential, and they practically work wonders on social media platforms where people live and breathe. If you want to sell your products or services, create compelling videos, and be sure they appear on your target market’s newsfeeds.

3. Promos and deals

We know how enticing promos and deals are, and how almost everyone loves them. If you want to catch your customers’ attention and keep them drooling, post compelling sales or deals videos. You’ll be surprised at how doing so will create hype and get people excited about them. Eventually, they’ll buy or subscribe to what your business has to offer.

4. Contest and giveaways

Another way to create brand recognition and social media engagement is to hold a contest and offer giveaways through videos. You’ll be amazed at how some people will take the plunge into participating and hoping to win prizes. They’ll share your video content with their families, friends, and colleagues. That is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and engage with your audience.

5. Interview or Q&A

If your business thrives on the formality or has a controversial issue to deal with, it’s best to conduct an interview or hold a question-and-answer portion via a video clip. Doing so is a great way to inform and educate the public. A perfect example is how your business fares during this COVID-19 pandemic. Create a video that tells the audience about how you continue to operate and serve them. Include guidelines on how to proceed with conducting business amid the global pandemic.


If you run a business, it’s imperative to take space on social media and consistently publish valuable video content pieces. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, these videos can promote your brand and sell your products or services. They allow you to reach out to your target market and engage with them. Ultimately, videos thrive on social media that can take your business up a notch!

We’re a digital marketing agency in Manchester, specialised in providing video production services. If you’re looking to create and produce various types of video clips for your social media accounts, get in touch with us today!