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4 Types of Video Content to Effectively Promote Your Brand

There are many reasons you might want to hire a professional video agency to make a video for you. Whether it’s just to improve the quality of your YouTube Channel or for an introductory video on your company’s website, the hand of a video expert can take an idea and make it both palatable and understandable.

These days, the average consumer spends so much time watching random videos on the internet that anyone looking to get their brand or message out there would be remiss to ignore the benefits of a well-produced video. 

With the right amount of creativity and elbow grease, a video can take your brand to the next level. Here are just some of the types of videos to help your audience get to know you:

1. Interviews, testimonials, and product reviews

This type of video is especially useful for small businesses and anyone who provides an innovative service, given its popularity on YouTube as a genre. Most consumers are more likely to trust other consumers, and a detailed interview, testimonial, or product review can help increase your sales and conversions.

A simple head-and-shoulders shot of several consumers raving on about how great your service is usually enough to convince possible customers who were on the fence.

2. Documentaries

The production of this type of video can be daunting because it can take a lot of work and some amount of money. However, the great benefit of documentary videos is they can often humanize an organization to its audience by making it more relatable. The internal view provided by a documentary can help your customers understand your message and get to know you better.

It can even be a series, following certain figures and aspects of your business as it faces the daily challenges of the industry. It is also an added benefit that the likely massive amount of footage to be filmed can be used and repurposed for other content.

3. A story

Telling a good story through a video is an engaging and original way to market your brand. By telling a story, you are allowing your target audience to put themselves in the shoes of someone who benefited from your message. 

While such a production can be costly, it’s important to remember that a lot of the most successful marketing campaigns capitalize on the human need to consume stories. With the right actors, a good script, and a skilled video production company, your story could prove unforgettable.

4. Travel videos

If your employees are off on a conference, for example, it might be informative to both your customers and employees to create a video of their experiences. Not only does it add to the level of interest in your business, but it also adds a sense of credibility as travel is neither expensive nor easy.

Travel videos also have a knack for building an international audience from various sides of the pond, and they can quickly build up your reputation as a business or vlogger. 


These are just four of the many ways your brand or message could be marketed to the general public. Capitalize on the insight of a video production company for your marketing needs, as it is a quick and easy way to deliver your message if done well.

For your next professional corporate video production, send us at the Mighty Hero Agency a message for a proposal. We’re a marketing agency from Manchester, and our mission is to empower your brand!