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3 Types of Videos That Your Business Must Have on Your Website

Videos have been taking the world by storm over the last two decades. Thanks to YouTube’s ubiquity, the entertainment format has become one of the most reliable ways to generate interest in virtually any topic. Whether it’s building your presence in a niche industry or offering vital information on a new topic, it has proven to be an effective way of attracting interest.

In this same vein, your business can take advantage of video to expand your reach and grab the attention of potential customers. There was a time where video quality was one of the most important things about a video. Still, thanks to homemade YouTube videos, live streams, and Instagram stories, most people no longer expect that. What matters most is the content and how it is delivered.

Fortunately, there are three kinds of videos that are easy to produce that will help you boost your website. With the help of a video production agency in Manchester, you’ll be on your way to creating top-tier videos for your business. Here are the types of videos your website needs:

A Briefer on Your Product or Service

Most people nowadays have shorter attention spans and don’t have the patience to read blocks of text to get the information they want. An excellent way to pique their interest is to tell a potential customer about your product or service through a video demonstration. 

If you’re a service, you’ll need to use case studies, data, and real customer results in your video, as this buffers your claim with extra credibility. You can even include clips from client testimonials. 

Meanwhile, if you offer products, then think of your explainer video as an elevator pitch. That means it has to be short, catchy, and to the point. The sweet spot is to demonstrate your product and show its benefits in thirty seconds. Ensure that you end all videos with a call to action. 

Customer Reviews and Client Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to convince customers to engage with you is through credible reviews. These are more difficult to fake, as it’s easy to create a false review on a website, so people will be more inclined to rely on such testimonials. 

Many customers likely feel awkward on camera, so have a conversation with them instead. Talk about what they liked about your service or product and their experience with you. You can even add B roll content to make it more engaging, such as shaking the customer’s hand, walking them through your office, or some clips of them using your product. Make sure to keep it casual, so they feel comfortable enough for an honest and enthusiastic rundown about their experience.

The Origin of Your Company

Everyone loves a good story, so you’ll want to take advantage of that by creating a video about your company’s origin. It will add an emotional element to your company, which will resonate with your customers, thereby forging a deeper relationship with them.

In this video, talk about how you started your business. What were the circumstances that birthed the business idea, and how did you get around to launching it? What problem are you hoping to solve with your company? This background information will help your target market connect with you on another level, especially if they related to certain aspects of your story.

It is also a good idea to introduce your team in the video. Most people love office tours, so if you can, show them where all the action happens! 


Videos are a fantastic way to engage your audience while positioning yourself as a unique solution to their needs. It helps you set yourself apart while establishing your credibility through verified customer testimonials and reviews. By having these three videos on your website, you’ll enjoy higher engagement and a more substantial relationship with your customers.

If you need help growing your brand using video and social media, let us know at Mighty Hero Video Agency! We specialise in video production in Manchester, as we have the expertise and imagination to create disruptive videos that produce rewarding results. Make a statement, stand out, and grow your brand in style by getting in touch with us today!