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3 Tips on Producing Engaging Videos for Social Media

Social media videos continue to be one of the most preferred contents across different platforms. You can see this on sites like Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. So if you want to build your prominence online as you ride social media trends, then you may want to consider investing in video production to meet your goals quickly. But how exactly can you do this? 

This article will discuss the three main tips on creating engaging social media videos. Take this as an opportunity to grow your following online, whether you are a brand, enterprise, or public figure. This way, you can become a leading innovator in your niche, distinguish yourself from the rest, and meet your growth projections easily. 

1. Focus on producing share-worthy content

Sharing and reposting are popular ways that give videos maximised visibility and engagement. Some users can even download them again or share them through other platforms, extending their reach to more users. That’s why you should look for promising ways to make your videos entertaining, relevant, and easy to understand. 

Share-worthiness for videos often fluctuates on social media. Some can have literal overnight success as they go viral and garner a high number of likes and reshares. Others can have an increased or decreased engagement, depending on many factors (e.g., current events, your prominence on other sites). 

If you want to control your videos’ sharing capabilities, you have to develop an effective strategy. It allows you to test if the target audience may gravitate towards your content or watch something else. Ensure you work with video producers who are highly knowledgeable about social media to achieve success. 

2. Always have a core message for every video 

Engaging users with your videos through production value alone may be fun for a while, but it’s your core message that makes it worthwhile, memorable, and even profitable. It’s a great marketing tactic to easily draw in prospective customers to ensure they either buy your products or subscribe to your account in anticipation of new compelling content. Either way, it’s you that will benefit significantly from it. 

Having a core message for social media videos is also a great way to establish your identity online. It’s like something that you want to be known for and are proud to share with others. In effect, you will always have supporters and can expect a steady flow of income, demand, and other useful resources. 

3. Utilise animation and captions

Producing social media videos in an engaging way means you make them watchable for the average user. For instance, statistics show that 85 per cent of Facebook users watch videos on mute. Because of this, you need to have visual cues, like captions and animations, to encourage them to keep watching. Don’t forget to incorporate your brand logo and other identifiable graphical elements to present your business and effectively get your branding message across.


Social media videos can be challenging to produce, especially when you consider all the different content produced daily, and you have to beat them out. Fortunately, you have the working knowledge you need to get started. You just have to identify with video production experts, like our team, to guarantee success online. 

Mighty Hero Video Agency can provide you with the best video production services in Manchester. Our team can help you produce compelling video content designed to boost your social media presence. Enquire today and take advantage of our highly disruptive, strategic approach. 

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