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For brands who dare to achieve more.

For brands that are confident enough to step up their game, we love creating powerful video content that thrills and entertains - helping you to stand out and smash your goals.


Definitely your ideal video partner.

We offer the values a videographer can't, and deliver what a big boy company can (but for quite a bit less). From quick fire videos to full scale production - you'd be surprised at what you can achieve with Mighty Hero. Do you dare to achieve more?


From the heart of Manchester.
Determined to entertain and surprise.

Video production experts. Lifestyle enthusiasts. Based in Manchester. Creating powerhouse videos non-stop.

Adam Barker

Adam Barker

Director / Producer
Oliver Price

Oliver Price

Lead Video Creative
Margaret Ward

Margaret Ward

Social Media Manager
Zak Chowdhury

Zak Chowdhury

Lead Photographer
Harvey Mountford

Harvey Mountford

1st AC
Michelle Yates

Michelle Yates

Make Up & Styling


Discover the magic.
Take a look behind the scenes.

About Us

Some say we're the specialists of creating "big things" with very little. Some say we're crazy. We say that we just love what we do, and have a knack for pulling the unachievable out of the bag. We sit between your nifty videographer and the all guns blazing big boys - a video production service where you get everything taken care of, while you sit back and watch the creativity unfold without blowing your budget. 

Mighty Hero is the golden child of the popular music video production company Video Ink. Co-founded by Directors Adam Barker and Oliver Price - Mighty Hero was born when brands (fitness in particular) came to music video Directors to create their videos - as they wanted something vibrant, different and anti-corporate. It became a regular thing, so we gave birth to Mighty Hero. The team extends across a collective of freelancers - a true family of creatives who work together week in, week out from our cosy urban space in sunny Manchester. 

Well, our clients say it's fun! Many of those who come to us love the fact we we can take all the annoying stuff off their hands (like sorting out models and finding cool locations). We don't create drama and want everyone who comes to us to have a great time. Our approach to production is a little different to traditions. Its quite informal, but still super organised and professional. You'll love it, promise.

If you've got this far through an FAQ then you must be interested. Simply, if you like what we do, you think you're a good fit and you dare to achieve more -  then give us a shout. Don't like us? Simply give Google search a go to find someone more suitable. 

Well yes, you could. There's plenty of talented videographers out there. In fact, we have several on our books, if that's what you want. Mighty Hero provides what a videographer doesn't - sorting all that pain in the ass stuff such as scripting, actors, models, crew, locations etc using our robust production network. We can have a specialist in every area instead of one person doing it all. We can sort many things at the click of a button, so you don't have to. 

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